Applicants READ THIS FIRST!!

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Applicants READ THIS FIRST!! Empty Applicants READ THIS FIRST!!

Post  tSs on Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:46 am

Welcome Recruits,

If you are willing to join our Circle you need to tell us something about you.

Age: (minimum 17 years)
Real Name: (You are not only a Summoner but a Human)
Gender: (male/female/alien)
Country: (The one you live in of course)
Nationality: (Via bloody, not location.)
Summoner Name: (NOT (!) your Account Name, the nickname you play with)
Summoner Level: (You need to be level 30)
Favorite Champion job: (Support,DMG,Mage,Tank or whatever)
Favorite / Main Champion: (Like Garen/Shen/Kennen or whatever your favorite Champion is called)
Why the Circle?: (Explain why you want to join us)
How do you know us?: (Tell us where you read about us)
Teamspeak 3: (needed(!) for playing games together (at least in ranked games.)
Skype: we also use skype from time to time but its not needed

The Circle has decided to pick up Max. 10 Member in our roster , we will tell you when we are full,
9/10 places are taken.

Greetings the Circle

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