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The Application Process Empty The Application Process

Post  demi2k4 on Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:22 pm

your application process can go one of two ways depending on the number of applicants we have at the time.

In the event we have numerous applicants at one given time, we will arrange a "test day" where we expect all applicants to attend and participate in matches versus each other and ourselves. Both teams will be a mixture of current CoS members and applicants, this allows us to both test your skills and see how you work with us and each other.

There will be two or 3 matches like this allowing us to mix the teams around so we get a chance to play with & against all of you. You may not end up playing with all other applicants at this time

We try to make it so the date is possible for all of you

You are expected to at least be on vent with us (we accept if you are in the process of buying a mic but currently don't own one).

It may be the case that not all our members will be there for this event

testing period
In the event there are only a small number of applicants (3 or less) we don't hold a test day. Instead we keep things simple and just try and get you to have a few games with as many of our members as possible so we get an idea of your game play and make a decision. We will try and keep this period as short as possible for your benefit.

you are still expected to be on vent for this.

Accepted Applicants
After voting is completed, accepted applicants will go into a trial period within the team. This is basically so we can see how you do with the team over a longer period of time (if you fit in well). Also during this period you will not be permitted to vote on other people applying to the team. Some of the forum, you will have access to the General, Champions, & Training and Ranked games section.

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